Thursday, September 3, 2009

Great Baloch Sarmachar Shaheed Meer Jan Baloch


  1. ma baloche ma pa marg zindage.

    sad salam bat tara mani shaere sarmachar mer jan. mer jan namortag balke nok peda botag non a gam janane ma baloch matho goharani dema

  2. every baloch salute the efforts of shaheed meer jan meral baloch who was a great freedom fighter and fought with enemy did not give up in front of enemy his sucrifice will remain in history forever and up coming genration will remain him as a national hero of baloch nation though to day he is not with us but his soul is shoutin nd saying to every baloch youth that wake up and fight for u r nation he was a ideal and he will be the unique example for baloch we appreciate his braveness and sharpness as a baloch youth he performed his land duty now we have to continue the mession of meerjan meeral